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Birmingham Personal Injury Attorney

A traumatic injury can cause disability, paralysis, amputation, permanent brain injury, spinal cord injury, lifelong emotional and psychological damage, and death – sometimes due to the negligence of someone else. At The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC, our Birmingham, AL personal injury attorneys believe in results, and we’ve dedicated our practice to defending those who can’t defend themselves.

Personal Injury Lawyers Dedicated to Serving Birmingham

For more than a decade, our Birmingham personal injury lawyers have used expert knowledge and legal experience to win compensation for victims of others’ negligence. From car accidents to fatal dog bites, we have the ability and resources victims need. Without a Birmingham personal injury lawyer by your side, insurance companies may not give you a decent settlement offer. Instead of going it alone, trust a lawyer to take the weight off your shoulders and negotiate the kind of numbers you really need for fair compensation.

We’ve handled hundreds of personal injury cases in our years in Birmingham, and we stand up in court for virtually any type of Alabama personal injury that has caused a victim pain.

All personal injury victims deserve the chance to stand up in court against the person(s) who caused their injury. Seeking justice is more than winning a case – it’s helping innocent victims regain their sense of self. If the negligence of another person caused an injury, we’re the team of expert Birmingham personal injury attorneys to trust. Let us take care of your case, so you can get back to what matters most – healing and moving on with life.

Let Us Help You Put Your Life Back Together.

After a catastrophic personal injury, you may not know how to get back on your feet or regain peace of mind. When you call The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC, we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll take over all communication with insurance companies, manage the claims process, review and collect evidence to strengthen your case, and actively seek to recover punitive and compensatory damages for you.

When you don’t know where to start, start with us. From the moment you contact our firm for your free consultation, you’ll know you’re in the best hands in Birmingham. Our compassionate personal injury lawyers are proud of the reputation we’ve built throughout Alabama. We’re known for our warmth and genuine concern for clients’ wellbeing, as well as our aggressive litigation techniques. When you need the best of both worlds, trust The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC.

With injury attorney Michael D. Mitchell personally invested in your case as well as an expert staff of investigators, legal secretaries, damage specialists, and paralegals, you’ll have support that makes you feel confident. You’ll work closely with Mitchell and his team to set goals for your case and work to achieve them as efficiently as possible. From the initial claim filing to the final settlement offer, you’re free to focus on your future instead of the case when you leave it in our hands.

Do You Have the Elements to File an Injury Claim?

The majority of personal injury claims come down to the question of negligence. Was the other party (the defendant) guilty of negligence, recklessness, or an unlawful act? If the answer is yes, you likely have grounds to file a personal injury claim in Alabama. The civil courts place a burden of proof on the injured party (the plaintiff) in these cases. It is the plaintiff’s duty to prove the defendant’s negligence. There are three elements you need to prove to fulfill your burden as a plaintiff:

  1. The defendant owed you some duty of care. This is often easy to prove since most other people owe at least a duty not to cause harm. Other motorists owe you duties to drive safely. Doctors owe patients the highest standards of care within the professional relationship. Property owners, product manufacturers, and government agencies may all owe you certain duties of care.
  2. The defendant breached the duty of care. The breach is typically the act of negligence or recklessness that created the hazard. A “breach of care” can be anything that goes against an industry’s accepted standards within the situation. Examples include a driver falling asleep behind the wheel, a surgeon carelessly nicking an artery, or a product manufacturer releasing a dangerous or defective item.
  3. The defendant’s breach caused the accident in question. Causation must exist between the defendant’s negligence and the accident that resulted in your injuries. The defendant’s breach doesn’t have to be the only cause, but it must have at least contributed. There may be more than one defendant at fault, depending on the factors that led up to the incident.

You must also show that the accident caused you real damages, such as personal injuries or financial losses. This may require medical documentation and expert witness testimony. Every personal injury case is different. There are dozens of forms of negligence that could make you eligible for compensation. Always speak to an injury lawyer when considering the question of negligence, due diligence, and duties of care. Our Birmingham personal injury attorneys know what it takes to convince the civil courts of negligence and to maximize recovery amounts.

Is Retaining an Attorney Worth the Expense?

In most cases, yes. A good attorney will not offer to take your case unless they believe there is a good chance of garnering enough money to make the lawsuit worthwhile. Most personal injury attorneys – including The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC – do not get paid unless they win compensation. That means you have virtually nothing to lose in filing a claim. Our attorney’s fees come directly out of any financial awards we win on your behalf, not out of your pocket.

Our skilled lawyers have won seven-figure settlements and judgment awards for our clients. One conversation with us could help you understand just how much your claim could be worth. The value of a claim depends on the extent of damages and the effects an injury will have on the plaintiff’s life. It’s our job to show the judge or jury just how much havoc a personal injury accident has wreaked on your life. With an attorney by your side, you can truly maximize your damage recovery. For more information, call (866) 948-6275 to reach our Birmingham injury lawyers.

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After an accident, you should not expect the insurance companies to offer a fair settlement.


success record

Over $1
Over $1
Over $1
Over $1

After an accident, you should not expect the insurance companies to offer a fair settlement.

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I have had to use Mr. Mitchell several times over the years and he has always done an excellent job for me. I highly recommend him and his law firm.

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I had an issue at a construction site. I turned it over to Mike and he did a great job handling my issues. His staff is very professional and kept me up to date with everything going on.

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Danny B.

I was involved in a boating accident about a year ago and I didn’t know what to do. I called Mr. Mitchell and he took care of everything for me. He did a great job for me.

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Sandra V.

I was hit by a vehicle while riding my bicycle and sustained significant injuries to my back. The insurance company was not acting right so I called Mr. Mitchell. He personally handled everything for me from start to finish and did a greta job. Thanks Mike.

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Heather T.

I was injured when a car rear-ended the vehicle I was in. Mike took over the case and did an awesome job for me. I will call him in the future if I need a lawyer.

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Personal injury laws in Alabama can be complex and are difficult to navigate on your own, especially if you’re also recovering from an injury. When you’ve been involved in an accident resulting in personal injury, don’t hesitate to contact us to start the legal process. We always offer a free initial consultation and work on a contingency fee basis – meaning we don’t get paid unless you do. When you’re ready to reclaim your life from a negligent party’s mistakes, get in touch with The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC.

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