Birmingham Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyer

Ridesharing can be a convenient way to get around at an affordable cost, but it also presents liability concerns. An accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver can involve negotiation with different insurance policies in the event of an accident; presenting a financial hardship to the person who sustains an injury.

If you or a loved were the victim of an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, contact the attorneys at The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC today to review your legal options.

Why Choose Us?

The Birmingham personal injury attorney at Mitchell Law Firm, LLC are uniquely qualified to handle your claim.

  • We fight for maximum recovery. If negotiation with insurance companies does not yield the best settlement, we will take your case to trial.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis. You will never owe any attorney’s fees unless we obtain a court judgment or procure a settlement on your behalf.
  • You work with an attorney, not an associate. You have the benefit of communicating directly with the lead attorney on your case throughout the process, so you know exactly where your case stands.

Who is Liable for a Rideshare Accident in Birmingham?

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft involve changing areas of law. In general, liability depends on the nature of service during the accident. Both Uber and Lyft have the same policy when it comes to insuring drivers.

  • When an Uber or Lyft driver is off the clock, they are required to carry insurance in accordance with Alabama state law. The state requires minimum coverage of $25,000 per person in bodily injury liability coverage and $50,000 per accident. It also requires $25,000 in property damage coverage. Most people carry coverage over this amount. When an off-duty Uber or Lyft driver causes an accident, the injured party seeks compensation from his or her private policy.
  • When a driver is on-duty but not actively transporting a passenger, both Uber and Lyft offer $50,000 per person injured in an accident the Uber or Lyft driver causes, up to $100,00 per accident. They cover an additional $25,000 in property damage.
  • Once a driver accepts a ride and actively transports a passenger, Uber and Lyft provide $1 million in bodily injury liability coverage.

When to Consult With a Rideshare Accident Attorney in Birmingham

Since an Uber or Lyft accident involves multiple insurance policies in Birmingham, insurers may argue over who is ultimately responsible for paying damages. The claims process can drag on and leave victims of negligence with few options as they seek compensation for their injuries and property damage.

An Birmingham rideshare accident attorney can help expedite the process by determining the parties responsible for the accident and demanding fair compensation for the full extent of the victim’s losses. The act of getting an attorney involved can encourage insurance companies to take the claim more seriously.

An attorney also helps the process by managing the negotiation so the victim can focus on recovery from his or her injuries. If you or someone you love suffered injuries or other harm in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, contacting an experienced attorney in Birmingham can help streamline the process of filing a claim and provide compensation for injuries quickly.

Types of Damages Awarded in Birmingham Uber/Lyft Accidents

A person who suffers harm in an Uber or Lyft accident may be able to collect compensation for both the economic and noneconomic damages that result.

  • Economic damages provide recompense for the material losses a person suffers in a car accident such as medical bills, loss in income, and the projected costs of future medical care and rehabilitation.
  • General damages compensate for the intangible losses a person might suffer from the experience, such as loss in life quality, physical pain, and emotional anguish.

If you suffered harm in an Uber or Lyft accident, The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC can help you gain maximum recovery for your injuries. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation today.