5 Ways You’re Losing Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted in Car Accidents on July 11, 2018.

Car accidents can be costly events, especially if you’ve suffered extensive injuries. When the other party is at fault, you have a right to file a claim to recover compensation. Collecting damages can go a long way to healing and returning to a normal life after a crash.

That said, it is easy to damage your lawsuit. If the other person is fully liable, a few simple mistakes can make it difficult to recover for your damages. If you committed these mistakes, there’s a chance you’ve damaged your claim and have either reduced or eliminated your chances of receiving fair compensation.

You’ve Avoided Seeking Medical Help

It can be easy to brush off any pain you may feel after a car accident as expected aches. Some of the worst injuries from car accidents can occur without you even recognizing the symptoms. Without a proper diagnosis of your injuries, your condition may worsen, and you won’t recognize the potential damages you’ve suffered when making your claim.

Putting off medical attention can make it difficult to prove your injuries came from the car accident and not some other cause. When you visit a doctor, even for minor injuries, you receive a medical record that shows the extent of your damages, which can help determine your compensation amount.

You Haven’t Contacted Law Enforcement

Calling law enforcement may seem like a hassle, especially when the incident has already made you late. You should always call law enforcement to the scene of any accident, no matter how minor the damages may seem. If damages turn out to be more serious later, officers will have compiled an incident report that can provide critical information for your case.

You Didn’t Collect Evidence at the Scene

If you don’t require transport to the hospital, you should take care to document the scene of the accident. Photos and videos go a long way to establishing concrete evidence of damages and collision points. You should record anything that seems helpful, including pictures of all vehicles and any tire marks on the road.

You should also collect all necessary contact and insurance information from the other party, as well as the contact information of any witnesses. The more evidence you can collect fresh from the incident site, the better shape you’ll be in if your case goes to court.

You’re Talking with Insurers Before You Speak With an Attorney

Insurance companies want to make a profit and will often contact you while you’re still feeling shaken from the accident. In this time, they may try to get you to record a statement or offer a settlement amount, often for much less than you deserve. You should never speak to an insurer on your own, and you don’t have to.

Hiring a skilled car accident attorney to represent you will help you avoid any tricks from insurance companies and get you a fair amount of compensation. Be sure to have a lawyer on your side before entering any discussions with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

You’re Waiting to File Your Claim

Heading into a lawsuit can be overwhelming, but you do not want to wait to start. Alabama’s statute of limitations for car accidents is two years, meaning that hesitating to start your case can take away your chances of receiving compensation. The faster you act after your accident, the better chance you’ll have of a successful lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a car accident in Alabama, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC has recovered millions of dollars’ in compensation for our clients. Let 35 years of experience in personal injury law work for you.